JahWin Live Show

Live Show Begins at 9:00 PM Every Sunday evening and last for one hour.

JahWiinLive welcome your phone calls, letters and messages.  This program is not just about spreading the word, it's about reaching out and helping persons with spiritual growth, along with other areas of their lives. 

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About Us

Jahwin Live was founded by Horace Taylor in September of 2013, with no broadcasting experience, he decided to minister through this media.

This idea was created after working with different churches and realizing that his ministry is being wasted inside the four walls, he realize that there is much more to do, more people to be ministered to and a lot more lives to be touched, therefore decided to create his own ministry via the internet.

When this ministry begun , there were no listeners and no viewers, but after sending out various text messages and email, inviting friends on Facebook to join him , the listenership started growing and today there are people who look forward to his show every Sunday night.
Please don't forget to write to us and share your comments, join our conversations and give us your feedback.
Please continue to pray for brother Horace, watch the shows, and invite others to do the same,  be bless.


Here you will find updates about pending events and pictures etc of past events. 
This area will be updated soon.